Event Security

Our event safety division has a vast experience with the operational skills to deliver a supportive structure to any event from the smaller bespoke to major music festivals and public gatherings. CPC carry out all the pre event risk assessments, method statements, operational planning along with all necessary SIA assessment reports, liaising with the local authorities, emergency services while working closely to the clients remit. From senior management level through to our event stewards we have a successful proven track record covering many varied events spanning more than 20 years.

Pit Teams

CPC takes great pride in the welfare of all, paying particular importance to the front of stage crowd. Our Pit Team supervisors and staff have been credited with standing out as “the most experienced crew I have ever seen in action” which is not our words but, a quote from a major promoter.

Arena Safety

Arena safety as we know is an area where problems can escalate rapidly. Our arena teams conduct a professional and friendly approach while walking around the arena and closely monitoring crowd dynamics. Ongoing assessments of all areas within the arena being coordinated through radio control whilst liaising with the emergency services and external agencies, thus maintaining safety, enjoyment and public order.


CPCs experienced events team over the years have been commended on their overall crowd management, whilst maintaining the flow of the public whether ingress or egress, while still attaining the safety of all and paying particular attention to crowd dynamics along with the timings of proceedings. Our search teams attend additional training in search techniques and procedures with some operatives drawing on their own professional backgrounds.


Our campsite security teams have experience creating a safer environment for revellers and families by being friendly and approachable. Our teams professional attitude and attention to all areas while conducting their patrols has a considerable reduction in thefts and public disorders.

Backstage Areas

CPC backstage team always contain SIA Close Protection Operatives within. We feel in this area there should never be a compromise, the requirement for a higher standard of cover is paramount. We always ensure dressing rooms are fully manned by approved SIA Close Protection Operatives.

Bespoke Events

Bespoke events are an interesting division with some wonderful events taking off all over the country. We try to support and promote these type of events where we can, as sometimes they are overlooked by the general public. We are always glad to place a link on our page if you wish!

Highland Games/Shows

CPC have a friendly team of management and stewards who cover our family shows and events, having the understanding of these types of family orientated events and the customers who are attending make for a safe and enjoyable event for all involved.

First Aid & Fire Services

CPC, work with many recognised First Aid and Fire Services all over the UK with their own proven track records within the industry. All our staff are trained to a minimum of First Aid at Work and trained to minimum fire precaution level, with many of our event members having higher levels of training including paramedic.