Our Services

Complete Protection Consultants is an award-winning security organisation, who protect our client’s people, property, reputation and brands.

As every one of our client’s needs differ, we establish their security requirements through empathetic consultation, before making bespoke recommendations.

training and development

Training & Development

At Complete Protection Consultants training, we deliver various classroom and place of work courses to a diverse range of industries, from multi national companies to single individuals looking to further their careers. Ask to join our mailing list for upcoming content.

close protection

Close Protection

All CP operatives are former elite military personnel with advanced driving qualifications. We service clients worldwide and can offer personal recommendations from a diverse range of VIPs who we’ve worked closely with in the past and present.

retail security

Retail Security

We offer a range of services from a standard uniformed door security officer presence to a fully managed risk analysis and loss prevention service. Complete Protection Consultants offer a civil recovery service, enabling our retail clients to focus on the demands of their business.

Hotel Services

Complete Protection Consultants provide immaculately presented team to some of Scotland’s finest hotels, communicating with customers in a way they’d expect from 4 and 5 star establishments. Services range from reception supervision, event cover, test purchases and room penetration tests.

event documentation

Event Documentation

Modern events take incredible amounts of organisation. Our clients focus on maximising the event experience for the paying customer while delegating the preparation of all necessary documentation, local authority and police liaison to our expert team.

event security

Event & Crowd Management

Complete Protection Consultants work in partnership with some of Europe’s premier events promotors. Our events team consult, creating a plan which is implemented by our management team and SIA badged personnel, many of whom have worked with us for a very long time. Complete Protection Consultants’ team have consistently delivered outstanding results in events from 20 people to 200 000, ensuring the guest experience was one of complete safety and security, assisted by confident, helpful and friendly personnel.

Licensed & Hospitality

Complete Protection Consultants cater for our clients ongoing legislative requirements in ensuring their business is fully compliant. Contact us for an extensive list of services offered.

door supervision

Door Supervision

Normally the first staff impression your customers engage with as they enter you’re premises, our highly trained door supervisors always offer a friendly and professional welcome. All are SIA licensed and benefit from ongoing training.

Martime Security

Maritime Security

Complete Protection Consultants maritime security teams ensure safe passage at sea, all over the world. We offer armed and unarmed teams who work and train with your vessel’s crews, both commercial and leisure. We assess risk as a continued ongoing process, often second by second.

Risk Management

Risk is a part of our daily lives, every one of us. Taking risks are necessary for us to grow and develop and in a rapidly changing world, the risks which we need to mange evolve quickly. Risk must be managed in such a way that we minimise their threats and maximise their potential. Complete Protection Consultants’ management team have been effectively managing our clients risk through extensive consultation and advocation for over 30 years.

corporate security

Corporate Security

As we progress with our steadily increasing client portfolio, our company services evolve to accommodate the different needs of each client, whether it be, access control, reception, unit management, key holding, manned guarding being some of our services within our corporate division.